Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to our new website!

We have wanted to update the website for a while now and with the big changes coming to the team and car we felt now was the perfect time! This post details all the new sections and our plans for the future of the website.

Our Home page has been kept simple with a small summary of what the team does, a link to our team structure and an inviting list of the sponsors. 

The Team page lists all the active members, each person has their own little profile detailing their roles within the team and their university course.

The Sponsors page lists all of the companies and institutions that sponsor the team. Every sponsor has a brief summary and a link to their websites.

The Our Cars Page shows all of our previous entries into Formula Student and where we placed in the competition.

The News/Updates page has our live twitter feed and houses all the new posts that will be going up on the website. We hope to post on a semi regular basis with updates, new sponsors and events.

The Media page is where we plan to upload all our photos that we take throughout the year split into categories of when and where they were taken.

The Contact Us page tells you where we are located within the University and our email. We are always around and eager to answer any questions so come see us or pop us an email!