Using advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, we create performance optimised parts that can then be assessed using CFD, FEA or lap time simulators for verification.


With parts both manufactured in-house and custom made by our specialist suppliers, we rapidly manufacture a new car for each competition year, from the ground up.


Taking our finished race car down to Silverstone Circuit, we compete in the Formula Student UK competition against other universities from all over the world.

Over the past two years we have developed an EV (Electric Vehicle) for the competition. Continuously improving our designs over that time, we are now raring to implement them, and power through the events with our first electric race car.


With the switch to electric, the HWRacing team has morphed from being mostly Mechanical students to a harmonious hodgepodge of Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and more. And now, a little break-down of our sub-teams:


Electrical Systems – With a remit covering PCB design to programming the Vehicle Control Unit, and from building wiring looms to electrical testing rigs, the Electrical Systems team have a hand in designing or testing almost every electrical circuit on the vehicle. Working closely with the Powertrain team, members here often interract with both LV and HV systems.

Powertrain – Normally multiskilled and found doing a little of everything, the Powertrain team focuses on getting useful work out of angry pixies.

Responsible for the high voltage motor, control systems, transmission and battery pack, if you want to make the car move, these are the people to see.


Aerodynamics Working to maximise both grip and slip, the Areodynamics team develops, models and optimises CAD bodywork structures within simulated airflows to ensure the car stays stuck to the road and sliding through the air. Using composite materials such as fibreglass and carbon fibre, they craft some of their creations in-house and use specialists to make others, either way their pieces are masterful blends of function and form.

Mechanical Systems – These folk lay the foundations for everybody else to work from. Whether they’re analysing tyre interaction with the race track, assessing torsional stiffness or designing ultra-light wheel hubs, you know whatever they produce will be performance to it’s core.

Taking care over chassis creation, driver controls and braking systems as well as material selections, manufacturing and more, there isn’t a single piece of the car they don’t interact with.


If you are interested in photography, business or social media and would like to get involved on the team in these areas drop us an email as we are always looking to expand and strengthen our team.

Follow the same steps down below and put which area you would be interested in helping out with!

  • You will learn and gain skills you can’t gain solely from your university course
  • The opportunity to apply your degree knowledge in a competitive context
  • You will gain skills sought after by industry
  • Learn valuable team working skills
  • Gain an advantage over others when seeking employment by adding
    Formula Student to your CV
  • Gain experience using a variety of softwares
  • The opportunity to work on projects that are not related to your degree

After graduating from Heriot-Watt a number of our previous members have gone on to work for prestigious companies, here are a few examples!  


As the spaces on the team are limited we ask students who wish to join the team to submit an application. The first part of this is just about registering interest and us getting to know you. 

We want you to send us an email containing a small cover-letter style document: 

  • Your Name
  • Your Degree and Year
  • What you would be interested in doing on the team
  • Why you are interested in joining the team
  • Any relevant previous experience

The Deadline for applications is
Friday the 24th of September at Midnight

It doesn’t matter! While a lot of our team are interested in Formula 1 and other motorsport series, a large part also don’t watch it – everyone is here for educational value of the competition and the skills that it gives us on our CV.

We don’t as a team have dedicated driving members, all of our drivers for testing and competition are regular members of the team – we tend to pick members who have been on the team for more than a year and who have made an effective contribution to the team. Driving the car is an incredible experience and we want as many people to get a chance as possible, while also allowing for experienced engineers to do the required testing to ensure the car is safe and reliable for competition.

We wish! While both ‘Formula 1’ and ‘Formula Student’ start with the same word, Formula Student is a completely different entity from the Formula 1 competition. That being said, a lot of our members go on to work in F1 teams!

Absolutely not! Any student at Heriot-Watt is allowed and encouraged to apply if they are keen to join.