Using advanced computational CAD software to design performance optimised parts - our designs are then simulated in CFD, FEA and lap time simulators for verification.


Both in-house, student orientated and outsourced manufacturing is utilised to rapidly manufacture a new car every year from the ground up.


We compete in the Formula Student UK competition held at Silverstone against other universities from all over the world.

Last year we set ourselves a new challenge, to switch from IC (Internal Combustion) to EV (Electric Vehicle). Prior to lockdown the team had made excellent progress in this and we look forward to continuing this in the coming year!


With the switch to an Electric Vehicle HWRacing moved away from being mostly made up of Mechanical students to a split of Mechanical and Electrical. Both sides of the team work hand and hand in designing and manufacturing our car. Within those two major teams we have a number of sub-teams that can be seen below!

Control Electronics

Control electronics team – design low and high voltage circuits from the individual components and design circuit boards.

Electrical Systems – writing code to collect data from the car using exernal sensors and control boards(arduino and pi) for the engineers to optimise the car and the driver to see essential data

Electrical Systems
Powertrain (elec)

Powertrain (Elec) – work on the high voltage systems that make the car move usuing industry equipment as well as power systems.

Powertrain (Mech) – mechanical integration of the electric motor and accumulator systems, transmitting power from these systems to the tyres.

Powertrain (mech)

Composites – Researching the use of composite materials such as carbon fibre and fibreglass, developing manufacturing methods and processes within the team, manufacturing composite components.

Aerodynamics – development, simulation, testing and implementation of an aerodynamics package focused on maximising car performance and grip.

Chassis & Suspension

Chassis and Suspension – analysing the interaction of the vehicle’s tyres with the race track, designing and manufacturing the vehicle’s chassis and suspension to maximise performance and to create a platform for the rest of the car’s systems.

Driver Controls – creating effective steering, throttle and braking systems and inputs which ensure maximum driver performance.

Driver Controls

If you are interested in photography, business or social media and would like to get involved on the team in these areas drop us an email as we are always looking to expand and strengthen these aspects of the team. Follow the same steps down below and put which area you would be interested in helping out with!

  • You will learn and gain skills you can’t gain solely from your university course
  • The opportunity to apply your degree knowledge in a competitive context
  • You will gain skills sought after by industry
  • Learn valuable team working skills
  • Gain an advantage over others when seeking employment by adding Formula Student to your CV
  • Gain experience using a variety of softwares
  • The opportunity to work on projects that are not related to your degree

After graduating from Heriot-Watt a number of our previous members have gone on to work for prestigious companies, here is a few examples!  


As the spaces on the team are limited we ask students who wish to join the team to submit an application. The first part of this is just about registering interest and us getting to know you. We want you to send us an email with:

  • Your Name
  • Your Degree and Year
  • Which Sub-team you would be interested in joining
  • 300 words about yourself that tells us about you, your interests and any potential previous experience you think is relevant (the experience part is not a requirement to join the team!)

The Deadline for applications is
Friday the 18th of September at Midnight

It doesn’t matter! While a lot of our team are interested in Formula 1 and other motorsport series, a large part also don’t watch it – everyone is here for educational value of the competition and the skills that it gives us on our CV.

We don’t as a team have dedicated driving members, all of our drivers for testing and competition are regular members of the team – we tend to pick members who have been on the team for more than a year and who have made an effective contribution to the team. Driving the car is an incredible experience and we want as many people to get a chance as possible, while also allowing for experienced engineers to do the required testing to ensure the car is safe and reliable for competition.

We wish! While both ‘Formula 1’ and ‘Formula Student’ start with the same word, Formula Student is a completely different entity from the Formula 1 competition. That being said, a lot of our members go on to work in F1 teams!

Absolutely not! Any student at Heriot-Watt is allowed and encouraged to apply if they are keen to join.